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Product Summary
   Y-Type Strainers
        Socket Weld
   Basket Strainers
        Q/R 150-300LB
        Q/R 600LB
        Bolted Cover
   Basket Filters
        Bolted Cover
        Safety Closure
   Duplex Strainers
        "Bi Simplex"
   Temporary Strainers
        "Conical Strainers"
        "Bath Tub/T-Type"
   Self Cleaning Filters
        Automatic (Kleerflo)
        Gravity Sand Filters
   Pressure Vessels
        Filter Vessels
        Filter Separators
        Safety Q/R Closure
   Skid Packages
        Backwash Filters
        Duplex Arrangement
   Flame Arresters
        In-line Deflagration
        In-Line Detonation
        Endurance Burning
   Demister Pads/Screens 
        Demister Pads
        Mist Eliminators
        Screens / Baskets
        Gaskets and Seals
Technical Data Sheets
      Y-Type Strainers
      Basket Strainers
      Basket Filters
      Duplex Strainers
      Conical Strainers
      Fabricated Strainers
      Flame Arresters
      Filter separators
Technical Information
      Mesh Information
      Perf. Plate Information
      Pipe Schedules
      Material Information
      P.E.D. Classification
Welcome to Barton Firtop Engineering Co. Ltd.
Welcome to
Barton Firtop Eng. Co. Ltd.
 Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited is  a  certified ISO 9001
 manufacturer  of  Filters, Strainers, Coalescers and Supplier of Flame 
 Arresters predominantly for the Oil and Petrochemical industry.

 The original  Company  was  formed just  before World War One and
 owns  its  own premises occupying just  over 1 Acre  of manufacturing
 facilities on its Bromsgrove site, currently employing over 35 people.
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Innovation Through Design
Barton Firtop
Design Office  Our experienced  engineers are able to  design products to  suit your specific  project requirements,  often utilising existing  designs and stock  equipment enabling  us to offer favourable  prices and leadtimes.

 To obtain your project  specific quotation  from our Sales  Department,  please
 click here
 Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited operates a computer
 system connected through a Local Area Network powered by a central
 server running Microsoft Server 2003. Our experienced & qualified
 engineers utilise the latest software, such as Microsoft Office 2007,
 Finglow,  AutoCAD LT 2009, to enable them to offer unique  design
 solutions to the complex problems that arise in the ever demanding
 Oil and Petrochemical Industry.

Bath Tub Strainers
Norman Filters

 Fabricated "Bath Tub" strainers  can be used as an alternative to  our standard cast range in order  to comply with specific project  specifications. They are also  generally more cost effective &  readily available ...     more >>>
Norman Filter Co.
 Barton Firtop Engineering  Company Limited is an official  Distributor of the product range of  Norman Filter Co, L.L.C. who were  established in 1978.   more >>>
Stock Availability
 Barton Firtop Engineering
 Company Limited hold an
 extensive stock of Filters and
 Strainers which are  designed
 and manufactured to
                           more >>>

 Flame Arresters
 Barton Firtop Engineering
 Company Limited are the UK 
 & International Agents for the
 complete range of KITO ©
 flame arresters to ISO16852 
 & associated safety devices.
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 Superior Filtration
We supply a range of 'Kleerflo', fully automatic self-cleaning filters / strainers.
 Barton Firtop Engineering
 Company Limited are agents
 for Superior filtration Limited
 who supply a range of
 'Kleerflo', fully automatic
 self-cleaning filters/strainers,
 to stop problems caused by
 blockages .... reliably.
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+44 (0)1527-831644 or 575211.
©2005 Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited Terms & Conditions
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