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Skid Packages
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Backwash Skid

Backwash Cleaning System

Typical Backwash Cleaning System.

See Backwash Skid Package page for more details.

Skid Packages
Duplex Skid Filter Package

Skid Packages

Typical Duplex Skid Filter Package.

Duplex Skid Filter Package

Backwash Skid Package

Duplex Skid Filter Package
For process systems with line sizes from 8"NB up to 36"NB and pressure ratings from 150LB to 1500LB, Barton Firtop can design and fabricate duplex systems comprising of two individual cast or fabricated vessels utilising ball / butterfly valves and interlinking pipework.

Systems can be automated for single push-button change-over operation upon request.


Welding carried out to EN287 and ASME IX.

NDE carried out to code requirements.

Competitively priced within its field.

End connections flanged or butt weld.

Standard Red Oxide Finish.

Special painting upon request.

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