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The New Law in Brief

P.E.D Classification

The Pressure Equipment Directive (P.E.D.), entered into force on 29th November 1999 with a transitional period until 29th May 2002. After this date most pressure equipment and assemblies placed on the market everywhere in the European Economic Area must comply with the regulations.

The P.E.D. is applicable, with a few exceptions, to all pressure equipment with a working pressure of 0.5 barg and above.

Consequences of P.E.D.
From 30th May 2002 it will be illegal to purchase or sell pressure equipment (items or assemblies) within the E.E.A. unless it complies with the P.E.D. requirements.

It is, however, acceptable to maintain in service or start to use old 'non-compliant' pressure equipment which was purchased for a specific application before 30th May 2002. It is also acceptable to continue to service and re-condition old 'non-compliant' pressure equipment after 29th May 2002 but new replacements must comply with the P.E.D.

Product Classification
In order to comply with the P.E.D. the pressure equipment must fall into one of the following categories:-

Sound Engineering Practice (S.E.P.)
Category I
Category II
Category III
Category IV

Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited's standard equipment is designed for the worst case, either category III for piping or category IV for vessels by using modules B + D of the P.E.D., with an extensive stock held at the Bromsgrove premises.

Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited also hold Module D1 certification to enable in-house certification up to category II.

Examples of PED 97/23/EC certification held by Barton Firtop:-
(Click image for further information - Acrobat Reader required)

Module D1

Module D

Module B
Q/R 'Mono'

Module B
150LB 'Y'

Module B
300LB 'Y'

Module B
600LB 'Y'

The above P.E.D. Certificates can
be viewed using Acrobat Reader.

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