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Fabricated Filters & Pressure Vessels
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Safety Q/R Closure

Safety Q/R Closure

See Safety Q/R Closure page for more details.

Filter Separators

Filter Separator

Horizontal Filter Separator Supplied to B.P. weighing in at over 20 Tonnes.

See Filter Separators page for more details.

Filter Vessels

Filter Vessel

Horizontal Cartridge Filter with Quick Release Closure, ANSI 900#.

Filter Vessel

Three Stage Filter Separator with Vane Pack, ANSI 600#.

Filter Vessels

Safety Q/R Closure | Filter Separators

Barton Firtop Engineering Co Ltd have been designing and manufacturing Pressure Vessels in filtration applications to customer specific requirements for over 30 years.

Designed to PED 97/23/EC and/or: -
American Standard ..... ASME VIII-Division 1
British Standard ....... PD 5500 (BS 5500)
Others .... available upon request.

Typical Manufacturing Range
Pressure up to 689 Bar (10,000psi)
Temperature up to 500 Deg.C
Size up to 3.0m Diameter & 50 tonne max weight
Materials from Carbon Steel to Super Duplex.

Typical Applications: -

Gas Filtration / Cartridge Filters
Vertical & horizontal vessels are designed for separation of solids from Gas down to 1 micron. Special features include safety interlock quick release closure and British Gas E13 compliance.

Gas Solid / Liquid Separation (Filter Separators)
Vertical & horizontal vessels are designed for 2 or 3 stage removal of solids & liquids entrained in Gas down to 99.9% of droplets 0.3 micron and larger. The design utilises a combination of Baffles, Cartridges & Demister Pads.

Vertical & horizontal vessels are designed for the removal of entrained liquids from gas and / or liquid process lines (e.g. removal of water from diesel).

Oily Water Separators
Vertical & horizontal vessels are designed for the separation of entrained Oil / hydrocarbons from discharge water systems down to 15 ppm.

Liquid Filtration / Cartridge Filters
Ranging from extremely coarse filtration down to 1 micron, we can provide a design coded vessel to meet your requirements.

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