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Bolted Cover Basket Filter

Bolted Cover Basket Filter

Bolted Cover Basket Filter.

See Bolted Cover Basket Filters page for more details.

Bolted Cover Safety Closure

Bolted Cover Safety Closure

Typical 'Bolted Cover Safety Closure'.

Bolted Cover Safety Closure

Bolted Cover Basket Filters

The Barton Firtop Basket Filter can be fitted with a safety closure to prevent the cover being opened whilst under pressure. The option of the safety closure is particularly recommended for gas and hazardous service where safety is of paramount importance.

Once the integral safety vent has been loosened any residual pressure is relieved, the integral safety vent is then completely undone to allow the safety closure to be swung away from the cover or removed completely to allow normal access to the bolted cover for removal.

The safety closure can be fitted to many of our standard bolted cover products, for further details please contact our sales department.


Integral Safety Vent complete with safety slot to relieve pressure.
Full circumferential cowl prevents access to bolting whilst the unit is under pressure.
Stainless Steel weather resistant cowl.
Cowl fully removable, once depressurised, to give normal access to cover bolting.


Lockable Safety Vent to prevent unauthorised opening.
Can be fitted with davit on vertical bolted covers, refer picture above.
Special finish available.

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