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Flanged Y-Type

Flanged Y-Type Strainer

Flanged Y-Type strainer.

See Flanged Y-Type Strainers page for more details.

Socket Weld Y-Type

Socket Weld Y-Type Strainer

Typical Carbon Steel Socket Weld Y-Type Strainer.

See Socket Weld Y-Type Strainers page for more details.

Fabricated Y-Type

Fabricated Butt Weld Y-Type Strainer

Typical Fabricated Butt Weld Y-Type Strainer.

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Screwed Y-Type

Screwed Y-Type Strainer

Typical Stainless Steel Screwed Y-Type Strainer.

Flanged Y-Type Strainer

Flanged Y-Type strainer.
Typical Bronze Screwed Y-Type Strainer.

Screwed Y-Type Strainers

Flanged Y-Type | Socket Weld Y-Type | Fabricated Y-Type

The Y-Type Strainer is the most common & economic type of strainer for permanent applications, suitable for mounting in horizontal & vertical pipelines.

Our Screwed Y-Type Strainers are designed and manufactured to PED/97/23/EC, with 1" and below being category SEP. End connections are furnished as NPT and BSPT. Click Here for socket Weld option.

Major Applications
Generally coarse filtration for the following example applications: -

Pump Protection
Flowmeter Protection
Valve & Regulator Protection
Instrumentation & Ancillary Piping Item Protection

Extensive Ex-Stock Availability
The following ranges are available ex-stock:

Connection Type
Size (NB)
Ratings Available
Forged Carbon Steel
Screwed NPT, BSPT
½" to 2"
Class 800#
Cast Stainless Steel
Screwed NPT, BSPT
½" to 2"
1440 p.s.i.
Cast L.T.C.S.
Screwed NPT, BSPT
½" to 2"
21 Bar

Download Y-Type Data Sheets

Special Item Availability:
Screwed Y-Type Strainers are available from Barton Firtop, manufactured to order to suit most project specifications: -

Sizes from ½"(15mm)NB to 2"(50mm)NB
Pressure ranges up 10,000 p.s.i.
Special levels of NDE and material testing
Special Painting and Finishes available
Non-standard materials available

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