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Embark on a journey of precision and innovation with Barton Firtop, where 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) sets the stage for unparalleled product quality and performance. In our dynamic engineering workflow, CAD seamlessly integrates with Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM), crafting patterns that bring products to life in shapes optimised for peak flow and strength.

The expertise of our well-trained engineering team, equipped with qualifications such as the SolidWorks Associate Certification (CSWA), ensures meticulous 3D modeling. These models, available upon request, serve as a cornerstone for accurate product data—encompassing weight, volume, and center of gravity—laying the groundwork for manufacturing excellence.

Barton Firtop leverages 3D CAD across various dimensions of its engineering workflow, offering a spectrum of capabilities:
CAM for pattern making
Tailored geometry for product quality
Precise data on weights and volumes
Insights into lifting and center of gravity
Compliance with corrosion and contraction allowances
Configuration options
Part numbers for seamless identification
Utilisation of standards and library parts
Interference detection for flawless design
Detailed Bill of Materials (BOM)
Sheet metal developments for versatile applications
Robust data management
Efficient modifications to adapt to evolving needs

Experience the transformative power of 3D CAD at Barton Firtop, where every design detail is crafted with precision and innovation, setting new standards in engineering excellence.
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