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3D Render and Model

Unlocking the potential of cutting-edge 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Barton Firtop ensures the pinnacle of product quality and performance. We craft intricate patterns that mold products into the precise shapes necessary for optimal flow and strength.

Our adept team boasts extensive training in 3D modelling, backed by prestigious certifications such as the Solidworks Associate Certification (CSWA). Leveraging this expertise, Barton Firtop harnesses the power of 3D CAD for tailoring bespoke geometries.

By employing sophisticated simulations, we fine-tune the geometry, ensuring pressure vessels not only comply with industry codes but also surpass the capabilities of traditional fabricated types. Our proficiency in 3D modelling extends to various dimensions, including weights, volumes, lifting considerations, centre of gravity assessments, corrosion allowances for casting, configurations, part numbers, standards/library parts, interference detection, bill of materials (BOM), sheet metal developments, and meticulous data management.

At Barton Firtop, we don't just design – we innovate, using 3D CAD as a dynamic tool to elevate your project to unparalleled levels of precision and efficiency.
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