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Barton Firtop Engineering Company Limited are the UK & International Agents for the complete range of KITO© flame arresters to ISO 16852 and associated safety devices. KITO© equipment is of European manufacture and is in full compliance with all the latest ATEX and ENrequirements for CE marking.

Main Product Line:

  • End-Of-Line, Deflagration Proof.
  • End-of-line - Short & Long Burning Proof.
  • In-line flame arrester, Deflagration Proof.
  • In-line flame arrester, Detonation Proof.
  • Pressure and Vacuum relief valves.

In-line Deflagration
If explosive gases ignite in a pipe then the reaction initially starts as a deflagration (explosion) characterised by relatively low pressures and flame speeds.

KITO© deflagration arresters are installed to prevent a continuation of the reaction into other parts of the connected system. In contrast to detonation arresters, there are limitations on the length of the pipe on which the deflagration may be installed. These limitations are governed by the distance of the potential ignition source from the arrester. Where there are special conditions for appertaining the nature of the system, e.g. installation in torch lines or thermal incineration plants, the incorporation of one or more thermal sensors on the flame arrester element is mandatory for identifying an outbreak of fire. An appropriate switch circuit that triggers emergency measures against a potential endurance fire must be connected.

Special Features:
  • CE marked to ISO 16852 / EN 12874.
  • ATEX Certified.
  • Low cost range for Group 1 Gas.
  • Very Competitive Designs.
  • Low Pressure Losses.
  • Easy Maintenance.
  • Competitive Spares.

Download Flame Arrester Technical Data Sheets.

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