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Flow Testing

Embark on a journey of precision and innovation with Barton Firtop's state-of-the-art 30m in-house flow test facility. Conceived and constructed by our dynamic Research and Development department, this facility is not only a testament to our commitment to excellence but also a versatile platform for product data and development.

Key Features of our Flow Test Facility:
Customised Witness Testing: Customers have the unique opportunity to witness their products undergoing rigorous testing, providing validation for pressure drop, dirt holding capacities, and functional performance using water.

Integration with CFD Studies: Our Engineering team leverages the facility to validate Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies with exceptional precision. This ensures that CFD design iterations occur within tight tolerances, leading to the optimisation of product geometry for various scenarios.

Compliance with Standards: The facility is generally in accordance with ANSI/ISA-75.02.01-2008 (IEC 60534-2-3 Mod), with special considerations for ISO 12103-1 dirt holding capacity testing. Measurements are strategically taken upstream and downstream to ensure fully developed flow, with system losses meticulously subtracted for accurate localised pressure drop assessments.

Tests Conducted as Part of our Engineering Workflow:

Validation to CFD: Ensuring alignment between simulation and real-world performance.

Clean Pressure Drop: Measuring pressure drop under normal operating conditions.

Dirty Pressure Drop (Clogged): Assessing pressure drop when the product is challenged with contaminants.

Dirt Holding Capacities: Evaluating the ability to retain contaminants over time.

Functional Testing: Verifying the product's functionality and performance in practical conditions.

Load Testing/Destructive Testing: Subjecting products to extreme conditions to ensure robustness.

Efficiency Testing: Measuring the efficiency of products in real-world scenarios.

Particle Distribution: Analysing the distribution of particles within the system.

New Product Testing/Development: Testing prototypes and innovating for future solutions.

Performance & Reliability Testing: Ensuring products meet and exceed performance expectations.

Experience the power of precision testing with Barton Firtop's Flow Test Facility – where innovation meets validation, setting the stage for optimal product performance and reliability. Witness the future of engineering excellence today.
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