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Pressure Loss

Empowering our customers in their system design journey, Barton Firtop goes beyond providing products – we offer tailored recommendations encompassing pipeline size, flow rates, filtration retentions, product types, and maintenance requirements. A pivotal aspect of this guidance is understanding and addressing pressure drop, a critical attribute that ensures the accurate sizing of pumps, compressors, and pipelines.

Understanding Pressure Drop:
Pressure drop emerges from alterations in flow due to obstructions or geometry changes, whether in the form of pipeline fittings, reductions, openings, or physical solid materials like filters. The irrecoverable losses resulting from pressure drop must be considered in pipeline design, and Barton Firtop excels in minimising this loss by optimising strainer housing and internals.

Technical Precision at Quotation Stage:
At the quotation stage, we provide detailed technical pressure drop calculations, factoring in product type, filtration level, and service conditions. Leveraging industry-standard loss coefficient (K factor), commonly used for valves and fittings, we establish K factors through rigorous CFD and flow testing. This approach allows for standardised calculations once the K factor is determined.

Geometry Matters:
The intricacies of geometry, including perforated filter configurations, mesh lining, and housing shapes, significantly impact calculations. Barton Firtop ensures precision by correcting the K factor to account for dynamic and geometric dissimilarity. Recognising that pipelines may not always mirror optimal test conditions, our pressure drop calculations incorporate various correction factors. These factors encompass viscosity considerations, as well as frictional and separation losses.

A Commitment to Accuracy:
In our pursuit of excellence, we prioritise accuracy in pressure drop calculations. By addressing the complexities of real-world pipeline conditions, we aim to provide our customers with reliable and actionable insights, empowering them to make informed decisions in their system design.

Barton Firtop is not just a provider of solutions; we are your partners in achieving optimal system performance through comprehensive guidance and precision engineering. Explore the seamless integration of technology and expertise with us.
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