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Flame Arrestors

Explore Unrivaled Safety with Barton Firtop's KITO® Flame Arresters:

As the exclusive UK and International agents for KITO®, Barton Firtop takes pride in delivering high-quality, durable Flame Arresters that meet the latest ATEX and EN requirements, ensuring CE marking for compliance. Crafted in Europe, KITO® equipment, including associated safety devices, holds accreditation to ISO 16582, guaranteeing reliability and adherence to stringent manufacturing standards.

Deflagration Protection:
Prevent the spread of reactions with KITO® deflagration arresters. These installations act as a crucial barrier, halting the progression of explosive reactions within connected systems.
In-line Deflagration: When explosive gases ignite in a pipe, our in-line deflagration arresters effectively manage the initial deflagration, characterized by lower pressures and flame speeds.
End-of-line Deflagration: KITO® End-of-line arresters, or Hooded Tank Vents, serve as breather and venting safety devices. They incorporate an explosion-proof flame arrester, ensuring a secure release of gases from storage tanks, tank access covers, or breather pipes. This design prevents vacuum locks while providing continuous, reliable protection against flashback into the tank or pipe.

Detonation Defense:
Address potentially explosive gas-air mixtures with KITO® Inline Detonation Flame Arresters. Designed to arrest the flame front following a shockwave, these bi-directional flow arresters offer top-notch protection. With an optimized design for low pressure loss and modular construction, they are a cost-effective choice for your safety needs.

Endurance Burning Solutions:
Safeguard against dangerous internal pressure with KITO® ventilation hoods. These hoods facilitate continuous gas exchange with the atmosphere, protecting venting apertures on tanks, containers, and pipes. The Endurance Burning Flame Arrester ensures a constant and reliable defense against flashback, meeting safety requirements for diverse projects.

Choose Barton Firtop for a comprehensive range of KITO® Flame Arresters, where safety meets innovation. Explore our offerings and experience peace of mind with solutions designed for excellence and compliance. Your safety is our priority.


If explosive gases ignite in a pipe then the reaction initially starts as a deflagration (explosion) characterised by relatively low pressures and flame speeds. KITO© deflagration arresters are installed to prevent a continuation of the reaction into other parts of the connected system.

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If explosive vapour or gas mixtures are ignited in a pipe, a deflagration can develop into a (stable) detonation if the pipe work and run-up length are appropriate. The resultant force of such a detonation is tremendous; the KITO© detonation proof safety devices are built for this.

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Endurance Burning

Endurance Burning
KITO© ventilation hoods are fittings that allow for a continuous exchange of gas with the atmosphere and protect the venting apertures on tanks, containers and pipes.

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